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G.W. Mangler Construction is a locally owned, family operated roofing & exterior remodeling company, and has been a Quad Cities roofing company for 25 years. Our goal is to incorporate sustainable business practices including high quality services, environmentalRoofing Quad Cities responsibility, employee training, and customer satisfaction. We look forward to every new project as a chance to develop another long term client, which adds another member to our long list of satisfied customers.

A new roof is a big investment, and should last you a very long time when chosen and installed properly. There are many different residential roofing options available today including:

  • Composition Shingle Roofs
  • Metal Roofs
  • Flat Roofs
  • Wood Shake Roofs

G.W. Mangler Construction’s team of roofing professionals can assist you with selecting the proper roofing system for your application. With factory credentials and certifications you can trust that you’re getting a professional installation that will be backed by the manufacturer’s warranty for the life of your roof. We strive to make every project 100 percent satisfying to every customer, which is the reason we have thousands of satisfied customers in the Quad Cities Area.

When it comes to roofers, in most cases you get what you pay for. Mistakes can be costly. We are Licensed, Bonded, and Insured roofing professionals that take the utmost pride in our craft.

G.W. Mangler Construction is a Quad Cities hail damage expert. Complete exterior storm damage restoration including:

  • Roofing
  • Siding
  • Gutters

We can work with your insurance company to get your claim settled accurately and your repairs completed promptly. We will work to reach an agreement on the damages and repairs necessary to restore your home back to it’s pristine condition.

For Free Estimates and Professional Installations, contact G.W. Mangler Construction at 563-284-2013 or use our Online Free Estimate Request Form

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01 Dec 2013

Roofing Quad Cities | G.W. Mangler Construction

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G.W. Mangler Construction is a Quad Cities roofing & exterior repair company. We specialize in new construction, re-model, and repairs of residential roofing, siding, and gutters. When it comes to renovating

roofing qca your Quad Cities home, invest in an expert. Our qualifications, experience, and credentials in residential roofing and remodeling assures you of an installation that will meet your expectations.

G.W. Mangler Construction has been a Quad Cities roofing & re-modeling contractor for 25 years. We have thousands of locally completed projects with tons of happy customers. Single Family Homes, Multi-Family Homes, Apartments, and Condominiums. We have dedicated ourselves to providing the best quality renovations at a budget friendly price.

We are a CertainTeed Certified Roofing Contractor with factory certified installers. International Code Counsel Roofing Contractor Certification. Licensed Bonded and Insured. Davenport, Bettendorf, Eldridge, and Surrounding area.

All of us at G.W. Mangler Construction take pride in our craft, and serving our customers to the best of our ability. We are first in quality service. Whether you need a minor repair or a major renovation, rest assured that our professionals will estimate the costs fairly, and perform the repairs properly.

Call Today for Free Estimates and Professional Installations.

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07 Nov 2013

Quad Cities Roofing Pros

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Any good Quad Cities roofing company will tell you that all high quality roof replacements start with a tear-off. This is because it allows a visual inspection of the roof deck, and any problems associated with the deck, can be quad cities roofingcorrected before the application of the new roofing membrane. Underlayments and ice & water shield can also be installed to a clean roof deck. Although, removal of the old roof is a good starting point, there are several other components in a quality roofing system that work together to give you the protection and durability that you expect.

Attic Ventilation

Attic ventilation is often overlooked on new roof installations. The attic space is part of the roofing system, and certain conditions need to be maintained, which affect the durability, longevity, and warranties of today’s roofing products. The purpose of roof vents is to release moisture buildup and to keep your attic temperature as close to the outside temperature as possible.  Attic ventilation is an important element in the prevention of ice dams and water infiltration in the Wintertime.

Attic Insulationroofing quad cities

Most homeowners don’t relate insulation to a roofing system, but attic insulation is another important element in roofing systems in the colder parts of the country. As stated above, the roof vents are there to rid heat in the attic and keep the attic temperature near the same as the outside temperature. Adequate attic insulation will help prevent interior heat from leaking  into the attic space in the Wintertime.

Ice Dams

Ice damming occurs on many homes in the Quad Cities every Winter. In freezing temperatures, accumulated snow will begin to melt on a roof when the attic temperature is above freezing. The water from the snow melt will re-freeze at the overhangs, or eaves where there is no attic heat. This melt freeze process creates large ice formations along the eaves of a roof. The water on the backside of the ice dam can get several inches deep. The water can run back under shingles leading to interior leakage.

Ice & Water Shield

As a final preventative from water infiltration caused by ice dams, a waterproof underlayment, or ice & water roofingshield, should be applied to a clean roof deck along eaves and in valleys. The modified bitumen membrane is designed to seal around all roof fasteners that penetrate it.

Quad Cities Qualified Roofing Contractor

G.W. Mangler Construction is the preferred Quad Cities roofing company. We are a CertainTeed Certified Roofing Contractor with an International Code Counsel Roofing Contractor Certification. We have thousands of locally completed projects here in the Quad Cities.

Call Today For Free Estimates And Professional Installations 563-284-2013



02 Nov 2013

Quad Cities Roofing Specialist

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For over 25 years, G.W. Mangler Construction has focused on developing a reputation of excellence in residential roofing. As a Quad Cities roofing contractor, we not only provide new roof installations we also Quad Cities Roofersprovide roof repair,  roof maintenance, and storm damage property restoration. Our installation crews are well trained, tested, and factory certified to be competent roofing installers.  Our office and sales staff is knowledgeable, professional, courteous, and ready to serve your needs.

G.W. Mangler Construction has the expertise to handle your roofing job of any size.

  •  New Construction Roof Installations
  •  Tear-Off
  •  Roof Repair & Maintenance
  •  Attic Ventilation
  •  Storm Damage

Why Choose Us As Your Roofing Contractor?

  • Quad Cities Roofing Contractor Since 1988
  • We Are A CertainTeed Shingle Master Certified Roofing Contractor
  • We have an International Code Counsel National Roofing Contractor Certification
  • We Use Factory Certified Installers
  • Only Top Quality Brand Name Materials Used
  • We Give Written Workmanship Warranties
  • Free No Obligation Roofing Estimates
  • Licensed, Bonded, Insured

G.W. Mangler Construction is the Quad Cities Roofer of choice by thousands of homeowners, builders, and businesses! We provide residential roofing services in Quad Cities and the surrounding areas, including: Davenport, Bettendorf, Eldridge, Leclaire, Princeton, Blue Grass, Long Grove, DeWitt, Walcott, and more.

If you are looking for a Quad Cities Roofer, for a New Roof, Roof Repair or Roof Maintenance we would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business! To schedule a Free No Obligation Estimate Call 563-284-2013 or fill out our Free Estimate Request Form.

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27 Oct 2013

Quad Cities Roofing | G.W. Mangler Construction

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G.W. Mangler Construction is a Quad Cities Roofing & Exterior Remodeling Company that specializes in residential roofing, siding, and gutter installations. Our experience in the industry consists of 25 years and thousands of locally completed projects. We offer a wide variety of products for every budget. Installations are performed by trained, tested and factory certified installers. Our services come with written workmanship warranties that are backed by factory warranties from the best brands in the industry.

Quad Cities Roofing

G.W. Mangler Construction is a Quad Cities based CertainTeed Shingle Master Certified Roofing Contractor. We also hold an International Code Counsel National Roofing Contractor Certification.


Quad Cities Storm Damage Experts

G.W. Mangler Construction is a local storm damage restoration expert. Filing an insurance claim can get frustrating especially if you don’t have any experience in home construction. Often times, items are missing from an adjusters initial summary, which requires additional time for you to get your claim settled. It is always best to work with a professional contractor that is experienced in storm damage repair, and with the components necessary for a high quality installation. We can assist you by working with your insurance company to assure that all damages are acknowledged and included in the Scope of Repair. We can work to reach a satisfactory agreement that ensures a proper and code compliant restoration of your damaged property.



22 Oct 2013